Computer & Internet

System Support Cell provides access to technological resources on campus through a variety of computer labs, classrooms and IT offices. The world-class infrastructure created on the campus provides an ambience conducive to stimulate learning. The architecture, the classrooms, the library, the computing facilities, research centres, all blend to provide a holistic learning environment. A state-of-the-art computer network with adequate number of nodes connects all the members of the Institute community with each other. This network has fibre optics backbone with one or more fibre segments reaching every building on the campus. There are high end manageable network switches & firewall which handle the internal data traffic. Every workplace on the campus including student rooms in dormitories, faculty offices, classrooms, management development centre, computer lab, student hostels, and administrative offices has network connectivity. Using long range Ethernet technology, faculty /staff residences have been also provided network connectivity to the Institute’s Intranet. The Institute has put a wireless layer (Wi-Fi) on top of this highly dense network with high level of security using username password based authentication. A Cyberoam CR2500iNG-XP Unified Threat Management System (UTM) is also placed to provide internet connectivity through LAN/ Wi-Fi with higher end security. The campus network is supported by server farm with high speed servers, running on a wide variety of platforms. Many servers on this network make use of Linux and open source software for providing the necessary services. The E-mail facility is managed through Google Apps for education which provides us web based email client, built in chat facility, Google docs, Google apps, Google sites and few other facilities as well. There is a wide variety of software packages available to the students and faculty for their academic and research work through Google Apps. Every student and faculty member has a high end computer or laptop. The Institute’s network is linked to the Internet via a set of dedicated leased lines enabling round-the-clock Internet connectivity on the campus. All the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from whom the Institute has procured Internet bandwidth have installed fiber optics link from the campus to their hub. This ensures very high quality of Internet bandwidth to the Internet. The Institute has 279 MBPS Internet Bandwidth. Every classroom is equipped with a LCD projector, a PC & IP HD Camera.