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The Parul University Alumni Association serve as an official voice of alumni graduated from colleges/ Institutes affiliated to Parul University/Parul Campus. Parul University Alumni Association represents the interests and expectations of alumni and ensures that alumni have an enduring voice in the advancement, growth & development of the University. Parul University Alumni Association shall serve as a link between Parul University/Parul Campus and the institutes affiliated to it to help alumni stay connected with the University and affiliated colleges/ Institutes. Parul University Alumni Association shall provide a platform for social interaction, networking and volunteer service of all kinds to the inspiring pride of Parul University for enhancement, enrichment & upliftment of students of Parul University.


  • To establish a bonding & facilitate association with the alma matter.
  • To build, sustain & strengthen a lifelong relationship between the university and its alumni through various cultural and social activities/Initiatives.
  • To establish an external support from alumni in course designing on the basis of scope and market trend, promoting entrepreneurship, industrial research, training program for students, placement etc.
  • Provide a vibrant forum that promotes interaction and networking among alumni of the Institutes affiliated to Parul University/Parul Campus.
  • To act as helping hand to achieve professional goals of alumni for Parul University/Parul Campus.
  • To create a platform that contributes to vision of university being recognized among the world's leading university in academics, research excellence and innovation.
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