Vision & Objectives


In India, many colleges & universities offer degrees with specializations in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy etc… but only a few can claim to offer something “extra” along with academic knowledge.

Career Development Centre is responsible for compiling a comprehensive training material for all the students @ Parul University in English language proficiency, Quantitative aptitude, Soft skills training, Personality development, Interview techniques & Career planning.

This extensive training aims to develop and nurture ambitious, go-getter & competent students with strong communication skills & excellent presentation skills.

We promise you that stint with us shall definitely make a difference in your personality.

Director, Career Development Centre, Parul University, Waghodia Road, Vadodara District -391760


To enhance the language development,Soft skills development and Aptitude of students who are pursuing the professional courses/ Degrees and help them fulfill their career goals by getting suitable placements.

  • To groom & transform today’s ambitious student into highly competent work-professional & responsible citizen of our country.
  • To promote awareness about “Competency in English Language & soft skills in 21st century workplace” among the fraternity of students.
  • To polish rough edges of raw-diamonds & present before the globalized arena developed personalities who shall endeavor to contribute to the growth of excellence & innovation in the field of Technology & Management.
  • To instill work-ethics & set of values in our students to succeed in Academics & work place.
  • To increase the employability factor of our students @ institutional & industrial level.

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