Continuing Education Programs-Overview

With the ever advancing trends in the global job and industrial market, there is a constant need for individuals and professionals to continuously enhance their skillsets and competences. Our Continuing Education Programs (CEP), are short term, skill based certificate programs which provides students with the most comprehensive learning experience. The programs are strategically designed to provide the maximum practical exposure to students, through hands on experiential learning. Pursing these programs will expose students to wide range of fields, which include Fine Arts, Engineering, IT and Computer Science, Medical Sciences, Law amongst others. To facilitate these programs, the University provides state of the art facilities for research and practical training, under the instruction of leading faculties with industrial expertise. These short term courses are to provide the most enriching learning experience, with the highest form of industrial relevance.

Why Take Continuing Education Programs
High employability chances

Certificate programs allow you to gain the specialised skillset which enhance your employability amongst potential recruiters.

Practical Skillsets

The programs are practical based, hence they allow you to shape and develop your hands on training in the various practical aspects.

Increased Knowledge Base

The programs allow you to increase your knowledge base, to include the most contemporary trends and modern technologies.

Professional Competencies

Our certificate courses provide are industry linked, thus they are designed to shape and develop your professional competencies in various spheres.

What We Provide
  • Regular and Flexible Lectures
  • Practical learning facilities
  • Industrial Exposure
  • Expert faculties and instructors