X98A2714-Edit Drug information centers are supposed to be core component of national health programs to promote the rational use of Drugs. DIC covers most of the information on the safe and effective use of therapeutic and diagnostic pharmaceuticals. This service is available for health professionals and to the public as well on free or payment basis. In some cases DIC also provide services on toxicology information. The primary function of a drug information center is to respond to queries on therapeutic drug use. Assessment of therapeutic drugs is an important function of a drug information center. Therapeutic advice includes factors such as efficacy, optimum dosage, interactions, adverse effects of other disease states and strategies to promote adherence in chronic conditions. Pharmaceutical advice of information includes formulation of drug, stability, cost, storage etc. Training of health care professional through continuing health education programs, arranging seminar,workshop and conferences. Disseminating the information in the form of newsletter, drug monographs etc. DIC actively involved Pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiological studies. 1. DIC Parul University (Hospital Based) : ACTIVITIES - i. Answering the in-house call (Drug Queries) ii. Assist in formulary decision (Drug Formulary) iii. Participate in drug use evaluation (DUE) iv. Coordinate adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting v. Publishing newsletter vi. Provide in service education vii. Assist in Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee viii. Oversee investigational drug activity. 2. Industry based DIC 3. Community based DIC

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