IMG_1516-Edit Business incubation as process provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive ecosystem for budding student entrepreneurs during the critical stages of start-up. Incubation serves as a launching pad for young and small start-up. It provides direct access to hands on operational support, access to funds, experts and with other entrepreneurs to make start-ups to grow.
Startup NameStudentInstituteAbout
World4engineersAkash Kurup Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-DegreeWorld4Engineers is a free multi-service educational portal developed for engineering students, by engineering students with a plan to provide free engineering notes for students of all engineering genre with additional extensions like online exam, inbuilt social networking, assignments management systems etc.
Pixel PerfectionKathan Vyas & Team Parul Institute of Technology-Computer EngineeringThey had started their revenue generation process through Website and App Development
Circuit GyaanSmit BhanushaliParul Institute of Technology-Electronics & CommunicationCircuitGyan is to develop efficient and cost effective electronics solution for educational purpose, hobby application and industrial application. CircuitGyan organizes workshop, Seminar for better understanding of electronics knowledge. It included sale of electronics components, design development board of Controller, PCB Design, develop DIY kits and small projects.
LoreGourav Jain & Nithya Nair Parul Institute of Business AdministrationIt is an initiative to prevent the dying handicraft tradition in India. The artisans are moving away from their traditional occupation to other jobs, as they are not getting stable income from it. Most of the craftspeople in rural area are women. It can become a source of income to women to support their family by maintaining sustainable profitability. Basically, to help and promote the artisans and craftspeople, to inquest about Indian traditional crafts and paintings and preserve the dying tradition and culture.
Chopped Vegetables Heta Shah & Akanksha Thakur Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-MBABasic idea is to provide fresh & chopped vegetables to the customer at their door steps. The reason is to Save time & efforts of customer while cooking with an objective to earn revenue & providing service of fresh & chopped vegetables to the Working Women's, Bachelors, P.G students, Hotels, Malls etc.
City Guide Mayur Sarang, Pooja Soni Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Computer Science & EngineeringVadodara Guide is an android application created for finding out any information about Vadodara needed at anytime at your fingertips. The most important information about lifestyle, education, health, food, contact and transportation can be found out form this app very easily
Script Box,Hydrophobic Wind screenChirag ModiParul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Electronics & CommunicationScript Box is an initiative taken up to spread the awareness of improving people’s perception towards the society and towards life, and this can be done by improving their inner beings. It is a collection of anecdotes which can enlighten the minds of people, directing them towards the bright side of life and motivating them to tackle the atrabilious things in life.
SoftwarePramod C Rajput,, ParthLadani , Parsh Gandhi , MahimaThakreParul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Computer Science & EngineeringWas started to Develop Websites, Web-Applications, and ERP System with User Friendly functionality. We have one platform where we want to create one user-friendly system for every user and we have one simple self developed chat module were any one can chat with their friends.
GHARHarsh Trambadia Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-CivilThe goal is removal of slums with sustainable solutions for housing. Working on the development of sustainable model as solution.
Bio – electricity generationHarsh Dua Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Diploma StudiesElectricity generation and new ways of generating electricity is the ideal of our project. We suggest URINE as the main and useful resource of generating electricity. This can be used in areas where there is no source of electricity.
All is WellPalak B Kansara, Kshipra Verma & Puurvi PatelParul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Computer Science & EngineeringThey are working on providing skilled house-makers. They are developing a website for the same and working on developing a database of persons who are interested for a skilled work.
Tap ItParth SolankiParul Institute of Engineering & Technology-Diploma StudiesTapIt is like a swap button between Facebook and Whatsapp, which are used by the masses, hence making the swapping between Facebook and Whatsapp just a click away. TapIt is an Android Application in which user can switch between Facebook and WhatsApp efficiently by tapping the pop up icon, once for Facebook and twice for WhatsApp. This enables user to use multiple applications at a time without worrying about closing one, going to home screen and opening another one.
Best from Waste Ibrahim. S. Malek Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology-CivilBest from waste aims at preparing environment friendly carry bags from waste cloths and for that he is working on skilled workers and the investment required for start-up.
Green Energy GadgetsRanjan Tanwar, Pathan Imrazkhan, Kajal, Vrunda, Devangi TandelParul Institute of Technology-CivilGreen energy gadgets are developing economical gadgets through active and passive solar illumination technology. The advantage can be utilized for all solar based gadgets.
Search Engine Manoranjan Padhy Parul Institute of Computer ApplicationDeveloping a search engine same as google but through Python Language.
Salon BookingDhyey MistryParul Institute of Computer ApplicationAn application on salon in which people can book for any salon in the city. It is focusing on providing the whole package rather than small treatments.

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