Rome was not built in a day; they say. Similarly any entrepreneurial ecosystem cannot be made that easily, which is a proposition not a conclusion. Today, we at Parul University, with required vibrancy, can showcase our entrepreneurial journey or process, which has taken shape with continuous and sustainable effort of a dedicated team behind it with adequate professional to academic guidance and acumen. Enterprising and supportive management had couple of options, finally chose a sustainable model through which outcome is visible within 2 years of organized efforts which is not story but reality. University at this juncture is having a dedicated entrepreneurship development Cell (EDC) where innovation is included up to patent filling apart from nurturing early to mature stage start-ups technology to non-technology based.

EDC at Parul University is having an organized structure with expert team chaired by Provost, Vice-President and President, as well as a core committee with mature and highest level of business sense, cross-sector expertise is the major criterion for mentoring and nurturing of idea to start-up. To execute the entire institute’s plan, a department level team has been created where students involve themselves by participating through e-cell which is another milestone of the journey. In any academic entrepreneurial ecosystem e-cell formed and managed by students play a vital role because that is the trusted and tested model. Strategically three major components have been created which are sensitization, conversion and developing connectivity with local level ecosystem. Various activities are planned in structured manner under all three initiatives where sensitization will always play the most important role to create a journey from “Idea to IPO” with identification of right idea at a right time for execution.