Modern India is in need of thousands of promising & competent youth ; equipped with skills & competence to affect change & development in revolutionizing the concept of “ Digital India “ & “ Make In India”. Our mission is to develop such worthy and aspiring individuals through quality education & all round development who can aid in crafting the success story of India. National Conferences organized by various faculties of the University provide strong platform to all our faculty members and students to undertake research work in their respective discipline and publish their research work in the national/international scientific journals of repute. The Faculty of Engineering has been organizing “ National Conference on Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st Century ” since 2009. In 2013, we have succeeded in soliciting active collaboration of Multinational Companies namely Linde Engineering, Elite Core Technologies & Thermax Limited with Excel India Publishers becoming our Publication Partner. The Pharmacy Institutes of the Faculty of Pharmacy have been organizing National Conference on latest themes to facilitate Research Publications of Faculties & Post Graduate Students. Our National Conference on Nano Technology have succeeded in soliciting active collaboration of Gujarat Liqui Pharmacaps Private Limited and subsequent conference on New Drug Delivery System was organized in collaboration with Gujarat Technological University and Journal of Pharmacy & Bio Allied Sciences published a special issue of the journal for the conference proceedings. Latest Conference was organized on the emerging field of Quality B y Design in collaboration with De Montfort University, UK & Gujarat Technological University. Sciences and Humanities Department of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology has organized a National Conference on Applied Mathematics to encourage and promote research aptitude among the faculty members of the general sciences departments.

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