Rules & Regulations

1. Library Timings: Library remains open on all working days except national and other holidays declared by Parul University. • 07:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. for reading (from Monday to Saturday) • 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. for reading (on Sunday) • 07:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. for transaction (issue and return) (From Monday to Saturday) 2. Membership is open to all the employees and students of Parul Group of Institutions. 3. For membership students should fill up Registration form available at the library counter on payment of Rs.200/= (Two Hundred Rupees Only). The students should bring their latest original fee receipt for I-card, which will be duly stamped & signed by library staff. 4. In case of loss of the I Card, written intimation about its loss and request for duplicate I Card should be submitted to the Chief Librarian with recommendation from the Principal of the Respective Institution. Duplicate I Card will be issued by the Library on the payment of Rs.300/= (Rupees Three Hundred only.) on recommendation of the Head of respective Institution. 5. Library membership is valid for one year. This I Card has to be renewed every academic year within a month of beginning of the semester/year after payment of Tuition Fees. For renewal of I Card students have to bring latest original fee receipt to the library for verification. 6. Books and personal belongings (Bags, Umbrellas, Raincoats, big purses etc.) should be deposited in the clock room. Books issued for home-reading are not to be brought into the reading areas. 7. Books / CD’s/ Magazines etc should not be brought in the library except when it is a borrowed material to be returned. 8. A clearance certificate (NO DUE CERTIFICATE) signed by the Librarian should be demanded by the authorities concerned from the Students / Staff members permanently leave the Institution. 9. In case of misuse of library assets and misbehaviour with library staff by any user, penalty will be imposed & Library facilities will be withdrawn. 10. Facility to Library members
Director/Principal/H.O.D./professor/Asst. Professor/Lecturer/ Librarian 10 Books + 1 Ref. Book + 1 Back issue of Magazines/Journals & Novels/General Books
Non-Teaching and Other Staff 05 Books + 1 Ref. Book + 1 Back issue of Magazines/Journals & Novels/General Books
U.G. Students 03 Books + 1 Ref. Book + 1 Back issue of Magazines/Journals & Novels/General Books
P.G. Students 04 Books + 1 Ref. Book + 1 Back issue of Magazines/Journals & Novels/General Books
Ph.D (Research Scholar) 05 Books + 1 Ref. Book + 1 Back issue of Magazines/Journals & Novels/General Books
CD/DVD – Not issued to any Student/Staff (Students/Staffs have to bring External Storage Device to copy the data of CD/DVD) 11. Loan period a. Books: Faculty 180 days Library Staff 180 days Non-teaching & Other Staff 90 days Students 14 days b. Back issue of Magazine/Journals: Faculty 04 days Library Staff 04 days Non-teaching & Other Staff 04 days Students 04 days c. General Books: Faculty 07 days Library Staff 07 days Non-teaching & Other Staff 07 days Students 07 days 12. Details of Fine or Dues: As mentioned in Appendix 1 13. “REFERENCE CARD” is issued to student/staff (On Demand) for availing Reference Facility from the library on the basis of request given to the Library. Reference Books, Current Issue of Periodicals/Magazines, Newspapers, University papers and Syllabi can be used only within library premises and in special circumstances it can be issued for overnight to members on permission of Library Authority. 14. Books and any issued materials once returned will not be reissued on the same day. 15. Library materials must be returned on or before the return date – In case the return date happens to be a holiday the members must return the material issued to them before the return date -otherwise fine will be charged as per rule. 16. Books, Reports, Journals, etc should be handled with care, preserving them so that they are not damaged in any way. If any damage is found in library materials, actual repairing cost will be recovered from the borrower. 17. Members should examine the material thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, photographs; sketches etc. at the time of issuance of the books to them and bring the short comings, if any, to the notice of the Library staff for record. They should return the material to library in the same condition. 18. Loss of issued Books/CDs/Floppies/Any other Material of the library must be reported immediately in writing by the member. He/she will be responsible to replace whatever is lost by him/her on or before the due date or else he/she should pay three times the cost within ten (10) days from the due date, after which a fine as per rule will be charged along with the three times cost of the items lost. Details of Fine or Dues