Rules & Regulations of Exams

Online University Exams
Guidelines to be followed by teachers and students for conducting classes and viva-voce examinations via Zoom Meeting App/Google Classrooms
Amanuensis Facility for Examinees
Functions of Reliever/s
Functions of Observer/s
Functions of Squad Member/s
Instructions to Examinees/Candidates
Functions of Stationery Supervisor
Functions of Junior Supervisor
Functions of Senior Supervisor
Functions of Institute Coordinator
Functions of Centre In-charge
  • Student should ensure that any objectionable material leading to UFM case is not lying around his/her seat prior to start of examination and it will be the sole responsibility of the student to inform to the supervisor.
  • Enter your enrolment number, subject code, date of exam etc. in the given space.
  • A candidate has to check the bar-code to be pasted by supervisor on the front page of his answer book.
  • Do not write your name or number or sign in the answer book which reveals your identity.
  • Please check that you have the correct examination paper and copy of it, is complete.
  • Under no circumstances, the candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall after commencement of examination.
  • Please read the instructions at the top of your paper, and make sure you understand and follow them.
  • Begin a new answer on separate page.
  • Write relevant answer of the question in a clear and legible hand writing on both sides of answer book in respective Section-A and Section-B.
  • Do not write anything in space provided for marks.
  • Do not leave your seat in any circumstance without the prior permission of the supervisor.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before 45 minutes after commencement and during last 15 minutes of the examination session.
  • Students may not leave the examination room (except when they have finished their examination). If the medical condition appears serious and the student is not able to continue, the Junior Supervisor should call Security and request medical assistance. In this case the student may be able to resume the examination if he is found fit after medical examination.
  • If you need to do any rough work, use the back of the page(s) of your answer book(s) and either cross out the rough work or mark it clearly as such before submitting your script; you may not use paper of your own for rough work.
  • It is the students' responsibility to make sure their calculators are working and have fresh batteries. Students are neither permitted to share calculators nor to pass them between each other during an examination. Use of a non-permissible type of calculator or other electronic device will be regarded as cheating.
  • If any objectionable material related to exam or mobile phone or programmable calculator is found with candidate or found exchanging answer book/ question paper with other candidate, he/she will be immediately expelled and the final punishment will be imposed once the matter is taken up by the authorities.
  • There will be warning bell 10 minutes before the completion of the examination.
  • Hollow sticker should be pasted after warning bell on appropriate space on the front page of the answer book, covering the information filled up by the candidate and the bar-code label.
  • All unused answer books and other University examination materials must be handed over to Supervisor and must NOT be taken from the room.
  • A disciplinary action will be taken against the candidate who disobeys the instructions of the supervisor or misbehaves or violates the code of conduct of examination of Parul University.
  • If any examinee is violating university rules, he/she is liable to be punished under the provisions of the University rules.

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