Dr. Geetika Patel

Medical Director

From the Desk of Medical Director, Parul University

Being a doctor...

There have always been lots of expectations associated with this profession. Doctors are always expected to be caring, compassionate, selfless and devoted towards their work and their patients. Shouldering the responsibilities with a motive to fulfill these expectations every moment and prioritizing patients as well as work above family, personal life and every other thing becomes a routine part of life for the doctors.And this definitely involves stress, anxiety and helplessness at times..Sometimes, it feels the expectations are too much to handle.. The Covid pandemic has got with itself an entire different set of expectations and responsibilities for doctors since the last few months.This pandemic has made doctors a unique set of people in itself who are bound to follow a different set of norms and regulations altogether.

When everyone is being told to take care of themselves and their families by being inside their homes and not going to work or any other place outside, doctors are supposed to mandatorily work which definitely means not being able to take proper care of themselves and their families...And yes DOCTORS ARE DOING THAT

When everyone is being told to keep a watch on the covid cases near them through a mobile based application and avoid going close to them, doctors are bound to go as near as possible to the suffering patients, empathize and take care of them and yes DOCTORS ARE DOING THAT

Everyone is being penalized if found going outside without urgency during lockdown but doctors are being warned to be penalized if they remained inside their homes and don’t go out to work.

But yes, there is something somewhere which is above all of this, which makes us forget all the fears, stress and helplessness..which makes us stand devoted, dedicated, fight all odds, struggle day and night to fulfill these expectations. And That SOMETHING is
The historic moment when 1.3 billion people of the nation come together for the first time to applaud the spirit of doctors by various means like lighting lamps, banging objects etc.

The tears of happiness which appear in someone’s eyes when he/she realizes that he/she has beaten covid and actually survived out of it after the serious efforts of doctors for weeks and sometimes months.
A small gift that someone brings to show their gratitude for saving a life (which probably has no monetary value but has endless emotions and feelings involved).

A glance of respect which is clearly seen in the eyes of a stranger who meets you somewhere in a flight or train and asks you, “What do you do”and you answer proudly "I AM A DOCTOR”.

Dear doctors, We know the list of this SOMETHING is endless and is always going to be there in our lives..
So on this day, lets take an opportunity to thank everyone who has given us this privilege of being the Heroes in real sense.

Wishing a very Happy Doctors Day to all the great and dedicated doctors.Lets all do absolute justice to our respected profession.