2nd Convocation

Entering the world of competition as professionals with a degree is always a dream of every student. The passed out students ready to enter their dream world were felicitated at Parul University during the second convocation ceremony. A whopping 1108 students were awarded degrees during the ceremony. Dr. Deepa Malik , Indian Athlete Paralympic Winner and Mr. Anand Kumar, Mathematician and Founder of ‘Super 30’ graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively. For more Details : Click here The second convocation ceremony was held across 16 faculties covering 24 courses. The University hosted more than 1300 parents accompanying their children to witness the proud moments of their kids. The University awarded gold medals to 22 students excelling in academics. Mr. Vineet Saxena who completed M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Parul Institute of Technology joined the University to fulfill his dream of a masters degree after having graduated with BE in 1983. One of the gold medalists, Mr. Saxena said, “It is a matter of great honour to be chosen as one of the gold medalist during the second convocation of Masters Programmes in the prestigious Parul University. The driving force to enroll in M.Tech programme was my firm belief in the continuous pursuit of knowledge. It was not easy for me to resume studies but the support from faculties made me comfortable in the University.” He is now posted as the Deputy Director General of the National Academy of Indian Railways, Vadodara. Dr. Devanshu Patel, President, Parul University appreciated the efforts of all the students encouraging them to keep doing better. His message to his students was “It is said that you learn more about the destination while you are on the journey not when you reach the destination. I hope and believe that the time you have spent here in Parul University has made you clear about the role and responsibility you need to carry out in the world. My last words for you all today are that in everything you will face, you will need to be adaptive! Never give up but always find a way, and the more ways you will find, the more you will find yourself at the finishing line just as you have done now. Ladies and Gentleman I offer my warmest congratulations to the Parul University Graduating Batch of 2018.” The students were awarded degrees at the hands of Dr. Deepa Malik, Mr. Anand Kumar and the President of the University. Inviting Dr Deepa Malik served to be a great inspiration for students. Padma Shri Awardee, Athlete (Paraplegic) Paralympic Games Silver Medalist, Arjuna Award Winner, when we talk about battling all the odds and emerging as a winner, Dr. Malik stands as a living testament to the victory. She addressed the students during the ceremony and narrated not only her own, inspiring story but also her daughter’s tale who suffers from paralysis in left limbs. “You should have a clear goal and focus only on achieving it. Conquering the fear of unknown will take you a long way. Know your dream and attain knowledge to assist achieve everything you want.” An esteemed Indian mathematician, educationalist and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines, Mr. Anand Kumar, while addressing the students said,” you can achieve all you want. Remember two important things dedication and hard work. Never give up, even if you fail a few times, keep trying and you will find a way” Yet another student, Swapnil Patkar who had run away from his home due to poverty was given shelter in Don Bosco Snehalaya which helped him pursue education. He enrolled for Masters in Social Work with the University and earned a gold medal making a mark for himself. He said, “I am thankful to all the priests in the Don Bosco Snehalaya who cared for me. Enrolling in the Parul University was one of the high points in my life. I express my gratitude towards the University, my faculties and classmates for all the support I received.” “You are upcoming India, be vibrant work hard and earn a name for yourself. Finish your journey and enjoy the way to it, help others and fly high,” signed off Dr. Deepa Malik