Webinar on Lockdown is not a curse, it’s a boon !!

Faculty of It & Computer Science - Parul University presents a webinar on Lockdown is not a curse, it's a boon !! by Himani, Happiness Coach & Motivational Speaker (Founder of Himani's Happiness Hub)
To Join in Webinar:
https://stream.meet.google.com/stream/071b93ad-7945-440c-a6a4-3d9e45fae093?fbclid=IwAR3Zun6pXyNU6r1NB_yOPzCJj6eO93MBOliHFExFSkmG74QnQ7PkvtLDo_Q (Use Parul University Email to Join)
For non PU audience:
Login to: https://meet.google.com
username: [email protected]
password: webinar1234
Link :https://stream.meet.google.com/stream/071b93ad-7945-440c-a6a4-3d9e45fae093?fbclid=IwAR2Nvrzu1NAAtpnorNoUHmbObtnv4HYAWz5QlK4raowcg56skoRU6uXFVMI