CME on ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’

A continuing medical education (CME) program on kangaroo mother care (KMC) was recently held at Parul institute of Medical Sciences and Research (PIMSR) on the occasion of KMC awareness day on 15th May 2019. KMC is now considered a ‘gold standard’ of care for premature and growth retarded babies. Care of the premature babies does include NICU care involving state of the art equipments and technologies for very sick babies. However, in a vast country like India with 27 million deliveries and 9 million preterm and low birth weight (LBW) babies, KMC is the method to be promoted as it is the most effective, simple, low cost and is implementable at all levels of care. KMC foundation, an NGO promotes KMC and trains health care personnel for the same.KMC ‘humanises’ the newborn health care where presently only technology rules. Every year since 2011, 15th May is celebrated as the KMC awareness day so that the concept of KMC percolates into the community. Presently only 28% to 30 % of the eligible babies receive KMC and the vision is to reach a figure of 90% coverage by 2030. This year, a CME was organised at the PIMSR to celebrate the KMC awareness day. The event was organised by the Departments of Pediatrics and community medicine. Speakers at the event were Dr Shashi Vani, managing trustee of the KMC foundation and Prof Socorro de Leon Mendoza from the Philippines. Dr Geetika Madan Patel, Medical Director, PIMSR said that KMC is being promoted at our Parul Sevashram Hospital with mothers and LBW and premature babies in a special ‘maternal and newborn care unit’ (MNCU). Dr Uma Nayak from PIMSR shared her experience on ‘KMC in public hospitals’, Dr Shashwat Nagar spoke on ‘KMC in the community’ and the representatives from the Academy of Pediatrics Gujarat and Vadodara branch and from the National Neonatology Forum delivered lectures on how these organisations can help in KMC promotion at various levels. The CME was attended by a diverse group of audience, 450 in number, ranging from doctors and students of PIMSR and staff and students of the ayurved, homeopathy and nursing colleges of Parul University. On the occasion, a poster exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest Prof Mendoza. The posters exhibited showed the methodology and advantages of KMC in a very lucid manner. The meeting ended with a strong resolve in all present to promote this simple, effective and low cost method of KMC at all levels of health care so that no eligible baby is deprived of KMC.