Dhoom is our annual celebration of creativity, skills and intellect of exuberant youth of our campus. A range of competitions are organized under the different umbrellas: Dance, Music, Literature, Fine arts, Theatre and Sports.

Be it the spontaneous overflow of powerful action-packed cultural performances, the beautifully creative handcrafted fine arts activities, the mesmerizing intellectual literary works of students, the mind-boggling theatrical performances or the challenging sports events, all add to the vibrancy of the campus helping all participants and viewers to make memories for a lifetime.

Dhoom is pinned at 21 , 22 & 23 February’19 and Pre-Dhoom is scheduled on 18 & 19 February’19.

Register at
Registration procedure: https://goo.gl/v4KKAh

Cultural performances take place in the evenings from 7 Pm to 12 Am. (Yes, bus transportation facilities are available for parents as well as students)
Rest activities take place during the day time.
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