Doctoral Research Conclave in Management

It will be a conglomeration of thesis ideas by research scholars that are in different stages of their Ph.D. lifecycle. The conclave has been set with the objective to: • Provide a platform for sharing the research ideas before distinguished experts. • Provide a platform to research scholars to meet domain experts to discuss research ideas, methodologies and career issues. • Provide a platform to make formal and informal networks with their peers from other institutions. • To facilitate the participant to identify and use the appropriate tools and techniques • To build confidence in the participants using statistical software packages (SPSS), interpreting the results of data analysis and using them in their research • To encourage the participant to share and clarify the problems they face and resolve them by receiving positive and constructive feedback • To create a focal forum and stage for the participants to inculcate collaborative – learning motivate the Research Scholars to write research articles This workshop is for keen researchers and management faculties in the area of Management studies and related areas of General Management. Click here to download Brochure