Hackathon : Crime & Security 2019

Making use of Student Innovation to Combat Cyber Crime: With crimes taking different shapes and forms every passing moment, as a result of the ever advancing technology, the Vadodara City Police, in association with Parul University, took the initiative of organising a two day Hackathon on the subject of Cyber and Security. The event was organised with the intention of having student participation in the establishment of order in the society through the use of modern technological innovations. It was also inline with the University’s agenda to promote various forms of social innovations, by using technology not only for profitable gain, but also as a way of fulfilling a social cause. The event was graced by the presence of the Superintendent of Police Tarun Duggal and Ravindra Patel, who were instrumental in guiding the students throughout this event. A group of 30 teams, and 100 students, took part in this 30 hour Hackathon, which was commenced on the 12th and was concluded on the 13th of September. This innovative batch, comprising of students from Parul University's faculties of B.Tech, Diploma, BCA and MCA. The efforts and dedication of the students, led to them developing various computer softwares having a high level of social utility These include softwares and mobile applications for road traffic regulation, softwares for fake website and currency detection, programs for women's safety, online solutions to filling an FIR amongst others. Crime rates today have seen a constant rise, and there have been new forms of violations and offenses which go unchecked merely because they are being committed on various online platforms. Therefore it is important that the local Vadodara Police get equipped with the necessary technological resources, to curb such crimes from happening in the initial phase, while instilling a sense of order within the society.