Methodical events for the Russian-language mass media journalists and journalism students

The Russian Federation Federal program: “Educational development”

“Development and spread of the Russian language as the base of civil self-identity and as the language of

international dialog”

RUDN University in cooperation with Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent Stated Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) presents the Methodical events for the Russian-language mass media journalists and journalism students. The mission of events is creation of positive backgrounds for promotion, support and strengthening of the Russian language in foreign countries. Events objective are organizing and conducting seminars, master-classes, trainings and round tables on aspects to modern Russian-language journalism in foreign countries for the Russian-speaking mass media journalists. Issues concerned modern trends in journalism, the influence of the information environment on journalism, stylistics and copyediting Russian-language texts, interaction between Russian and foreign mass media on matters of Russian history, science, language and modern educational system (technologies and techniques) will be discussed. Keynote speakers included representatives of Russian mass media and RUDN university (mass media faculty). Russian-language news/mass media (correspondents, editors) journalists, Russian news/mass media (correspondents, editors) journalists covering news, journalism students attending degree higher schools are invited to participate. The expected number of participants: 50. Registration: 9:00 а.м. - 10:00 а.м. Start: 10:00 а.м. Online registration of participants: The participation is free. Any other expenses, such as those incurred for travel, accommodation or subsistence, are the responsibility of the participant. For more information: e-mail: [email protected] RUND University (Moscow, Russia): +7-499-431-58-44