The 2nd International Conference “Parul University International Conference on Engineering & Technology: Smart Engineering has been Jointly organized by Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University, India and Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Prof. Anil kumar Gupta, CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow 2018-21, Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN & NIF, Visiting Faculty, IIMA & IITB. Guest of Honor, Dr. B. G. Patel, Advisor, Charotar University of Science & Technology (CHARUSAT), Foreign university Partner, Dr. Franciszek Restel, Assistant Professor, Head of the Railway Operation and Maintenance Research Group, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Wroclaw, Poland. Dr. Devanshu Patel, President, Parul University, Prof. (Dr.) M. N. Patel, Provost, Parul University and Dr. Unnati Joshi, Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Parul University. Dr. Poonam Mondal, Assistant Professor & Head, Biomedical Engineering Department, PIT, has presented welcome address. Dr. Arvind Yadav, Chair-PiCET-2019, has given brief introduction about the PiCET-2019 conference. Dr. Franciszek Restel, has shared his experience of being university partner for Jointly organizing PiCET 2019 with Parul University. Prof. (Dr.) M. N. Patel shared inspiring speech pertaining to need of conference at FET, Parul University, which was highly appreciated by all the audience. Prof. (Dr.) S. R. Gandhi has cherished the PiCET-2019 conference organized by the FET, Parul University, and blessed this conference by his presence as a speaker. Chief Guest, Prof. Anil kumar Gupta has delivered his talk on Initiatives, Opportunities and challenges in Innovation. His talk was mesmerizing where he mentioned IoTTF (Internet of Things, Touch and Feelings) technology and many incidents related to his work life with the audience. The research should need based, it should be solving the problem of society and industry at large and involvement of the end user for bringing out the innovations. He mentioned that smart engineering is required to transform the human being into smart humans and along with that inculcate human value amongst them. He went on talking about the advantages of grass root level innovation and the challenges associated with the same. It is necessary for each one of us to be wisely using the technology and at the same time effective use of the same (not to become slave of the technology/specifically Smart Gadgets, rather we should act as master who controls the machine). Guest of Honor, Dr. B. G. Patel, has shared his experience of how world class universities are transforming the future of students. A souvenir on the conference was released by guests on the dais. Dr. Arvind Yadav has presented vote of thanks and also announced that the next International conference shall be scheduled during October 2020. The PiCET-2019 had are Five tracks. namely Civil Engineering (Smart Construction), Computer Science & Engineering/ Information Technology/ Master of Computer Applications (Smart Computing), Chemical & Biomedical Engineering (Chemico-Bio), Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engineering (Smart Electrical & Smart Electronics), and Mechanical Engineering & allied branches (Smart Innovations). All the tracks have been deliberated concurrently at different venues. Eminent speakers from IITs, NITs, Industries, reputed universities and a speaker from Wroclaw University of Science & Technology have delivered expert talk during the course of two days(24th and 25th May,2019). Around 450 Participants/delegates, across Gujarat, India and Poland have participated in the Conference & presented their research papers. PiCET-2019 has received 353 research papers through easy chair. After rigorous review process and plagiarism check, only 102 research papers have been accepted for presentation and shall be published in JETIR (Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research), a UGC approved journal.