PUTalks by Dr. Lobsang Sangey, President of Central Tibetan Administration

His Excellency Dr Lobsang Sangay, President of the central tibet administration, graced the Parul University campus where he delivered a highly enlightening and inspiring talk on “The Journey Of Tibet Through His Journey ”. In his opening remarks he vividly depicted the longstanding geographic, religious, political and economic ties, the nation of Tibet has shared with India. Where mentioned that the coming together of Tibet and India, was more of an “Act of Destiny”. He went on to highlight how the two nations have shared the essence of Buddhism, where India was the guru, and Tibet was the student, which preserved about 300 unique Buddhist writings in Tibetten language. Further enhancing these relations, the prime minister of India, working together with the Tibet administration initiated a policy directed towards the translation of these unique scripts. He further went on to share the journey of freedom his Nation has moved, highlighting and shading clarity on the China-Tibet tensions. He also expressed his desire for the people of Tibet to gain their freedom, and to have His Holiness The Dalai Lama returning to his nation. The president went on to express his appreciation for Gujarat, as the land of true freedom expressed in Gandhiji’s proclamations of Ahimsa, which have been highly influential on the The Dalai Lama, and himself as well on their road to freedom. He also shared his delight in the Gujarat Garba cultural dance which was part of his welcoming ceremony.” My first meal this morning was Galebi, I felt that since I was in Gujarat that would be the best meal to start the day”. His excellency went on to appreciate Parul University, the efforts of President Dr Devanshu Patel towards promoting education in India, as he greatly highlighted that once you liberated the mind, the world becomes free to you. He said that his work for Tibet is a service, not only for his people along but for humanity as well and will continue in that spirit. Dr Devanshu Patel, The president of Parul University went on to appreciate the Dr Lobsang for taking his time to inspire the over 600 delegates who were gathered for the occasion. He also went on to appreciate the relations between India and Tibet and expressed the desire to continue in such relations through education. His excellency went on to express his heartfelt condolences for the passing of the former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, and how she was loving and kind personality who was always there to give advice to anyone who expressed a desire to listen.