Vadodara Hackathon 2020

Vadodara Hackathon organised by PU acts as an Idea Launchpad for over 600 students across the State: Channeling the innovative and creative juices of the students by coding into existence, effective solutions to some of the socio-economic concerns of the world today, was the agenda behind the Vadodara Hackathon 2020. As it acted as a platform for the students to explore their skills and abilities, throughout this two day event. This gathering of innovative minds organised and hosted by Parul University was a prerequisite of the Smart India Hackathon. Further enhancing the depth and scope of its comprehensive curriculum towards a path of entrepreneurship and innovation, the University took the initiative of putting together this grand technical event for all the students of Gujarat. With over 433 ideas proposed against 150+ problems statements, which were solved by 600 students from diverse academic backgrounds and institutions across the State, Vadodara Hackathon acted as the ideal platform to challenge the students’ technical literacy.