Webinar on Relevance of ERP in present Covid-19 Pandemic

Webinar link for Staff & Students of PU they can login by their university email id to view this webinar https://stream.meet.google.com/stream/e6dbe22d-4b65-4d6d-bb3f-33645190b9cb For non PU audience webinar link First open this below mentioned website
Now on right upper corner, you will find a sign-in option. Click on same
You will be asked for username
Type username: [email protected]
You will ask for password: webinar1234
If only you may be ask for captcha enter the captcha press Enter Key
Go to the URL address area remove all the details and copy & paste this below mentioned link
Press Enter Key you will see the live webinar
PU Webinar YouTube Channel Link for live streaming: