Women’s Day Celebration-2019

Signifying this essential day of women, Parul University has took the initiative of introducing three campus electric rickshaws. The significance of these electric rickshaws is that each one of them will be having female operators. In other words further enhancing the initiative of promoting the environment, the University has put forward the need for gender balance and women development. The four seater vehicles will begin operating within the campus, and this will go a long way in promoting the green agenda of the University and also making it convenient for the students to navigate the 150 acre. Introducing these rickshaws with their unique drivers will also be vital in inspiring and motivating the students through the message that there is no limit to any occupational choice they desire. Recognizing the need of protecting and developing the position of women in the Society, the women development cell took the initiative of commemorating the countless, continuing efforts of the University’s female students and staff members. Expressing the value within women, this program was centered on appreciating the efforts of all the hard working female students and staff members and for this purpose a facilitation ceremony was scheduled as part of its agenda.