Workshop on Agri-Innovations and Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property right and Innovation in science has tremendous role in Uplifting socioeconomic condition of the country. Awareness about the innovation and subsequently IPR needs to inculcated among the students/researchers and faculties to strengthen the framework of the state. Innovation in Agriculture and creation and promotion of start-up activities at grass root level will facilitate doubling the income of farmers and overall development of Agriculture. The education regarding Agri-Innovation and working towards novel ideas that have potential to generate IPR becomes necessary to achieve the growth of the Nation. Thus, the workshop is planned with the objective to provide in-depth understanding about the IPR in general and Patents specifically. The practical knowledge with respect to patent drafting, Patent searches, and Agri-Innovation development will be provided to participants.The five-day workshop on IPR and Agri-innovation awareness aims at establishing thorough knowledge of start-up initiative funding opportunities; Patents as well as PPVFRA act amongst the workshop participants, so that the chances of obtaining well-protected innovation for the society as a whole and organization in particular are increased. Click here to Register Click here to download Brochure