World Health Day-2019

On the occasion of World Health Day 2019, based on the theme “Universal Health Coverage”, a brainstorming session through debate was organized by the Department of Public Health at the University. Students enthusiastically presented their views on the topic “Universal Health Coverage – Fact or Fiction”. Most of the views positively stated that since last many years, lot of government schemes for Health Insurance like Ayushman Bharat, Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana, Chiranjeevi, Balsakha have been put in place and implemented but a lot is still to be done if we wish to achieve Universal Health coverage. One of the stalwarts of Public Health “Dr Vikas Desai” who has dedicatedly being working on Urban Health and Climate change in Surat as Technical director at Urban Health and Climate Resilience Centre of Excellence (UHCRCE),was also present and interacted with students regarding challenges and limitations of Universal Health coverage, and role of Medical Colleges in achieving Universal Health coverage.