Youth Talk on marching against THE IMPOSSIBLE

The curriculum based learning that happens in the classroom will give the student knowledge.While on the other hand, the learning of life that occurs outside of the classroom will give the student wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom are two of the most essential elements for the growth and development of the youth and only then will they pioneer India towards a brighter future. This was the main value behind the recently concluded Youth Talks event, held at Parul University in Vadodara, Gujarat. An auspicious gathering of minds, where 7 exceptional personalities delivered highly motivational words words of wisdom, as a way of encouraging the youth of Vadodara to acquire essential life lessons while they are still in University. The #YOUth organization is a brainchild of one of the most reputed film-makers #KetkiPandit Mehta. This organization works towards #empowering the youth by challenging their perspective through highly inspirational life stories from other prominent figures, with outstanding achievements. The scope of this organisation has been highly impactful on the Indian landscape, with a series of such events being held in various parts of the country. Prior to the Youth Talks event held at Parul University, YOUth also organised another event of such magnitude in Nagpur in the month of April this year. The panel of speakers during this auspicious event, comprised of some of the most impeccable national personalities and renowned public figures. These included the highly talented Bollywood actor Mr Shishir Sharma, the exilarating RJ Kshitji, along with the delightful former Miss World India, Mrs Shilpa Bhagat.To add on, Major Surendra Poonia from the Indian Army, was also one of the significant speakers of this event, along with Mrs Riddhi Doshi Patel, a well renowned entrepreneur and psychologist and the comedic icon Mr Om Bhatt. The coming together of such a diverse blend of talent and expertise at Parul University, left the youth of Vadodara with a burning passion and desire to excel in all their various fields of life.