Expert Lectures

• The objective of expert lectures is to explore particular subject with interaction with industry experts.
• Expert session provide platform to students to express their ideas and view
• Student gets benefit to relate theoretical with practical inputs of field.
• Series of such session pour an extra enthusiasm to student to give practical approach to their study.

Expert Lecture on Housing Design Principles

Ar.Shailesh Nair Shared is vital field Experience with 4th and 2nd semester student. The session was emphasized by important factors affecting designing process of housing projects.

Expert Lecture on Design Principle

Ms.Akshata Naik delivered expert talk on “Design Principle”. She is Fine artist and done masters in visual arts. Her work was exhibits in National and International platform. She works as head of department at fine arts faculty at Parul University. Our first year students which are fresh to draw and visualized the thing, they required more knowledge about the drawing. To develop their sketching skill we organized interactive talk which open up student’s thinking and sketching fear.