The objectives of the workshop were to: • update and deepen the knowledge of professionals in the relevant sectors on the current status, problems and potential of production and use of wood energy in the country; • identify and assess impacts of plans, policies and strategies of relevant .sectors particularly, energy, forestry, and agriculture - which incorporate wood energy issues and concerns; • identify gaps and weaknesses in planning, policy formulation and analysis and program implementation that constrain the full potential of wood energy; • Identify priorities for policy actions for strengthening the information base and planning capabilities and for enhancing organizational and institutional capacities for wood energy development.

Hands on skill workshop of “Residential Space Planning”

We held interior design workshop on 29th & 30th January 2019 for the students of 54th (54 students) semester to understand space planning in a residential layout. The workshop was headed by Ar. Kushal Jani & Ar. Varad Pagedar, Professors at B.Design PEIT. It was skill based workshop. In this workshop they understood various methods of laying out a plan and its presentation technique Deriving a plan based on climate and context and figuring out spaces on basis of functions and connections was the main focus of the workshop. Students learnt a lot about planning and interiors in the workshop.

Hands on Workshop on Revit Architecture

The workshop conducted  was proved very interactive type as now a day’s Technological revolution has make every students and Faculty to be well versed with it. The session was successful with group discussion and question answer among the participants. Small exercise for hands on practice was very useful.

Workshop on Calligraphy

This workshop contains the basic learning and practicing of how to write in different style with simple medium, It was a three days workshop, Total 128 Students & 8 Faculties of Parul Institute of Engg. And Tech. (Diploma Studies) was participated in Workshop. This Workshop Organized by Parul University of brief knowledge about the Calligraphy. Artist Mayuri Dabhi is an expert in this workshop. She discusses the design. She discuss the various styles of calligraphy with their names, she gave one group activity on theme based calligraphy which students were enjoy a lot.