Faculty Development Programs

Faculty members are the human sources that will help higher education institutions to have the pioneering role in development and change, to meet the educational needs of the society and to contribute to the science and technology. In Parul University we require faculty development for the purpose of carrying out these roles and responsibilities, adapting new technologies, coping with changing work conditions and increasing their ability towards research and teaching skills.

Faculty Development program on 2D & 3D modeling in Inventor software

To deliver an exceptional modeling experience, Inventor 2015 brings focused, impactful additions to the 3D Modeling environment as its primary theme. It also delivers a robust package of customer-requested productivity improvements throughout other work environments, for both new and advanced modelers. Included are tools for direct editing and freeform modeling creation, and faster ways to modify and create sketch relationships. Modeling is easier with Direct Edit, Freeform, and Sketching. Mr. Vishal Mistry & Mr. Tapan Shah are experts in this faculty Development Program on 2D & 3D modeling in Inventor from CAD Experts (Surat).