From the very beginning of engineering education, laboratories have had a central role in the education of engineers. While there has been a lot of discussion in the perceived importance of laboratory study versus more theoretical classroom work, it has never been suggested that laboratories can be foregone completely. At times, however, they have been taken for granted to a considerable extent. With the advent of the Internet, the development of powerful simulation programs enabled by enormous, cheap computing power, and the growing number of online undergraduate engineering programs have combined to refocus attention on laboratories. The fundamental objectives developed have helped to prompt discussion about why laboratories are important and what are the characteristics of a good laboratory exercise. Automobile Engineering Department has Automobile engine & Diagnosis, Automobile Transmission & Mechanism Diagnosis, Automobile Electrical System & Diagnosis, Fuel & Lubricants, Vehicle Air Conditioning, Automobile Pollution Control Engineering Laboratories for Practical Performance and advanced Learning.  Automobile Laboratories at Department of Automobile is equipped with modern devices with working facilities. Laboratories fulfill all necessary requirements of GTU (Gujarat Technological University) Syllabus. Our Laboratories equipped with Cut Section of Automotive Petrol and Diesel engines, wiring diagram of motor vehicle with working parts, Exhaust Gas Analyzer machine, Car Air Conditioning Layout in working condition.