Workshop on Plant Design

Two day Workshop on “Plant Design and Analysis/P&ID”- Organized by Utkraanti 2018 CEA Fest – IIT Madras in Co-ordination with Chemical Department (DS) on 27th and 28th February 2018. Mr. Amit Shah as expert conducted this successful TWO day workshop. He specialized in CHEMCAD and conducted workshop P and ID. About 40 students participated in this workshop. The core concept of this workshop is to understand the fundamentals of plant design in chemical industries and to understand the fundamentals of P and ID, Parts Identification & Drawing Understanding of plant.

Workshop on Chemcad

The Chemical Engineering Department of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology –Diploma Studies had organized Chemcad workshop for the 3rd semester and 5th semester students of Diploma Chemical Engineering students. Total 85 students had participated- 43 from 3rd semester and 42 from 5th semester. 4 faculty of Chemical Engineering had also participated. The workshop was coordinated by Mrs. Prabha Modi, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department with Mrs. Sheetal Singh of Anshi Technical Institute-Core Technology. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Uday of Core Technology, who had given an expert talk before starting the workshop through presentation and discussion method.

Workshop on General Safety Awareness in Industry

A two day Training program on “General Safety Awareness” was organized for Diploma Chemical Engineering Students of Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology (Diploma Studies) on 20 & 21st of February 2017 to develop the skills to understand the necessity for safety studies. The Program focused on practical application of safety methodologies, ergonomics and human factors, the different Indian and International Safety standards, causes of accident in chemical industries and various other Engineering control methods. The training program was then followed by the Risk assessment methods and Demonstration of different types of fire Extinguishers and Personal protective equipments and their working . They were made familiar with the major industrial Disasters and cause for them by Case studies and different videos about functioning of safety equipment and fire prevention equipment were shown to them.