A wide range of laboratories are developed to meet the requirements of experimental/practical knowledge of students. The laboratories are well equipped to impart the basic technical skills on small scale which apply mathematical, physical, and chemical concepts to task such as analyzing data, reasoning by analogy, processing data, solving quantitative problems, tabulating data, maintaining precision and accuracy, synthesis of chemical compounds, analyzing properties of materials such as melting point, flash point, fire point, viscosity, surface tension, pH, hardness of water, conductivity, and many more. It helps in distinguishing between inferences based on theory and the outcome of experiments. The Chemical Engineering Department has developed different Laboratories as per the curriculum which includes: Physical, Analytical and Inorganic Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Engineering Physics Laboratory, Fluid Flow Operations Laboratory, Heat Transfer Laboratory etc. Laboratories are well equipped with the latest technology instruments such as Digital Conductivity Meters, , Redwood Viscometers, Pensky Marten’s Flash & Fire Point Apparatus, Digital Balance, Distillation Unit, Digital pH Meters , Hot Plate, Hot Air Oven, Glass wares and Chemicals; used for analyzing the concept on small scale, Sonometer, P-N Junction Diode, Wheatstone Bridge, Seral’s Apparatus, Travelling Microscope, Ohm’s Law and Series Parallel Kit, Energy Meter, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer Screw Gauge, Physical Balance, etc.