Engineering is a practicing profession, a profession devoted to harnessing and modifying the three fundamental resources that humankind has available for the creation of all technology: energy, materials and information. The overall goal of engineering education is to prepare students to practice engineering and, in particular, to deal with the forces and materials of nature. Thus, from the earliest days of engineering education, instructional laboratories have been an essential part of Diploma Programs. Indeed, prior to the emphasis on engineering science, it could be said that the most of the engineering instructions take place in the laboratory. In our department, we have well equipped laboratories like Applied Mechanics, Strength of material, Structure Mechanics, Surveying, Building Material, Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, AutoCAD and Water Supply & sanitary. Our Labs are equipped with the latest equipments like Impact Testing machine, Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Vicat apparatus, Le Chatelier apparatus, Slump Test apparatus, Aggregate Impact test apparatus, Digital theodolite, Prismatic Compass, Dumpy level, Plane Table Survey apparatus, PH meter, Turbidity meter, Incubator, Titration Instruments, Bernolies apparatus, Pressure Measurement apparatus, Reynold’s apparatus, Venturi meter, Simple and differential wheel and axel, Angle of repose apparatus, Deflection of beam, Simple Screw jack, Parallelogram apparatus, Computers with Latest AutoCAD Version installed and many more.