Computer Lab at Parul institute of Engineering and Technology (Diploma Studies) is equipped with high end computing devices and network devices with Internet connectivity to fulfill the need of academics requirements of the department. This includes availability of more than 100 PCs connected with centralized server systems. All PCs have internet connectivity 24 x 7 to explore the academic requirements and fulfill the knowledge support system. System connected via Fiber Optic cables, LAN as well as Wi-Fi hotspots to provide wireless connectivity. Software like Turbo C/ C++, ORACLE, NETBEANS, MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2010, JDK 1.3, SQL SERVER, MYSQL and ECLIPSE are used for practical knowledge to the students. An extensive software library is maintained in all labs. Instructors may request specific software for course use. For security all Labs have Closed Circuit Camera 24 x 7 backup and monitoring facilities. General Configuration of Computers at Department: • ZENTIH SMART STYLE PC , • INTEL (R) CORE i3-2120 3.30 GHz • 4 GB DDR3 RAM • 19″LCD • 320 GB HDD • ZENITH USB KEYBOARD & MOUSE