Expert Lectures

Round the year, guest talks, seminars and workshops are organized wherein eminent personalities from the corporate world and renowned institutions are invited to share real life experiences with students. A good blend of theory and practice is experienced by students. The lectures were highly enlightening particularly for the younger generation of engineers / researchers to understand the technology innovations taking place in the field, around the world.

Expert Lecture on Industrial application of power electronics

Mr.Nirav Vaghela, Owner of INDIGENOUS ELECTRICAL, Vadodara had delivered expert lecture on 31st August 2017 on topic “INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION OF POWER ELECTRONICS”. He explained about saving of energy at the power generation with application of power electronics devices. He further explained about the different devices for speed control of drives and D.C.motors and gave the brief description about the different types of choppers circuit and different power electronics controller.

Expert Lecture On Callibration Of Equipment

Mr.Riyaz Khan, Manager of POLYCAB WIRES had delivered expert lecture on 2ND august 2016 on topic “CALLIBRATION OF EQUIPMENT”. He explained about the measurement parameters, specific ranges, and accuracy requirements. He summarized the workshop with Test/measurement and calibration of equipment system