National Seminar on Power Quality Problems and their Solutions

On 13th,14th and 15th of July 2018, a National level seminar on topic “Power quality Problems and its solutions” was organised under the sponsorship of GUJCOST by Electrical Engineering Department of PIET-DS. On 13th of July,Expert Dr.Hina Chandwani conducted a session on Power electronics devices and how to improve power quality from it by using inverters, converters and other semiconductor devices. After her session ,Dr. Naimesh Zaveri conducted an expert talk on introduction and usage of Active, Passive filters.Also the concept of improving power factor quality,concept of THD and TOD etc were also discussed.On 14th July, Dr. Pritesh Mankad conducted an expert session on Introduction of concept of “Power Quality and Electrical Drives”. He had shown various graphical pictures for more conceptual clarity.After his session, a visit was organised at “Gururaj Engineers” at Makarpura G.I.D.C where students visited various electronic drives,power quality drives,panel designing etc. and Finally on 15th July another visit was organized at “Trivedi Assosciates,Por,GIDC” where participants have visited various instruments which are improving power quality and power generation also.

Seminar on Advance Application in Power Electronics

On 29.06.2018 one day seminar was arranged at ADVANCE APPLICATION IN POWER ELECTRONICS . Conducting Expert by Mr Madhusudan Gohil ,owner at Powertronics Technology The students have been initially introduced with basics of power electronics,power circuit diagram and its concept including its application system by Mr. Madhusudan sir. In this workshop Total 80 students from final year, Electrical department of Parul Institute Engineering And Technology has participated.