Expert Lectures

The best way to keep the students up to date with the current constructional practices, it is very important to bring about leading experts from the field of Civil Engineering. By organizing expert lectures, the students get an insight to the new technology being used and also the new ways of construction. Therefore, we at our department try to arrange as many expert lectures as much as possible for the students to keep them up to date.

Expert Lecture on Designing of one way and two way slabs

On 28-02-2017 we have arranged expert lecture for our 6th semenster students on topic “Designing of one way and two way slabs".The lecture is given by highly knowledgeble and experienced professional Mr Bharatkumar G. Rajgor,HOD of applied mechanics department BBIT.from this lecture students learnt what is word "Design" means in construction industry.How design actully done of some actual structures and how to us IS codes for effective design.

Expert Lecture on Basics of reinforced concrete design and detailing of structures

An expert lecture was arranged at 14-03-2017 on “Basics of reinforced concrete design and detailing of structures" by Civil engineering department,in which Mr Jigar rana,owner of Safe Consultant,Vadodra came and shared practical knowledge about particular topic and shared their experiences on structure design.