Expert Lectures

We invited Mr.Aashish Pushalkar eminent personality of ELECTRICAL FIELD and stalwarts of the industry to share valuable information from their first hand experience which is serve as an idea platform for the students. Mr.Aashish Pushalkar gave an illuminating talk to the students of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. To make the students aware of the new technologies and other environmental and technical development, extension lecture on “TRANSISTOR, AMLIFIER & DIODE APPLICATION” is conducted. The benefit of such expert lecture includes enhanced student learning as well improved relation between academics & industry.

ON-Chip Communication In VlSI & Embedded System

In Electronics and Communication Every latest Trend Not covering the text or curriculum. Therefore, the EC department organized the expert session ON-Chip Communication In VlSI & Embedded System. The talk was conducted by Mr. Mitesh Limachia, who held the position of Asst. Professor DDIT Nadiad. he is passionate about the VLSI. His interest area included the VLSI chip Design . With his background experience of the VLSI chip Design, and working with the Asst. Prof. In DDIT , he has been able to provide insights into the subject.