Every engineering discipline requires certain specialization and to know the specialization as well as particular field, it is necessary to concentrate our mind to one specific subject. To implement this thing, every engineering study/syllabus contain seminar as one of the subject in the curriculum. Often student does not know which topic to choose. They know their interest but they do not know the specific area or specific topic to concentrate. To help them to select the topics here is a list of seminar topic which can be taken as a part of curriculum.

Seminar on Accidental Prevention Technique

A one day workshop on "Accident Prevention Techniques" was recently organised at the University’s Polytechnic Institute.

Tool Design using inventor and Master CAM

CAD is sometimes translated as “computer-assisted design”, “computer aided drafting”, or a similar phrase. A related acronym, CAD, stand for “computer aided design and drafting”. All these latter terms are essentially synonymous, and refer to the designing and technical drawing of various projects on a computer rather than a traditional drawing board. The spectrum of engineering projects commonly created with computer aided drafting is board, and include architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, electrical drafting, and other forms of design communication. Today they constitute part of a broader definition of computer-aided design. In this session we will mention at MCAD(mechanical computer aided design). In general computer aided design package has there component: a) Design, b)Analysis, c)visualization.