Mechanical Engineering department has well equipped laboratories which help to provide practical knowledge in different areas to the students. Theory of Machine lab is there with advanced equipments like Four Bar Link Mechanism, Slider Crank Mechanism, Cylindrical Cam, Single Shoe Brake, Rope Brake Dynamometer etc. Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machinery is one of the basic topic studied under mechanical engineering, its lab is supported with equipments like Bernoulli Theorem apparatus, Losses in Pipe Apparatus, Venturimeter, Orifice meter apparatus, Metacentre Height measurement Apparatus etc. Thermal engineering is one of the fastest developing fields. We have equipments like Air Compressor, Bomb Calorimeter, model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler, IC engine and charts describing graphs and diagrams to cope up with practical requirements. Metrology and Instrumentation lab has Vernier Callipers, Digital Height Gauge, Slip Gauge, Bevel Protractor, Screw thread Micrometer, Inside Micrometers and Mechanical Microscopes for practical lab purposes.