Industrial Visit

Along with an adequate education, we always believe the practical exposure. Because, only theoretical education does not expose the students’ ability, it’s required for them to make aware what they are going to do or perform in the future. This kind of visits provide them a perfect platform for the launch as future Scientist the Industrial Fields. These kinds of visits help students to know about the at least Methods and Technologies being used by the various Industries. We have arranged Industrial visits to various Industries like Pharmaceutical, Dyes, Biotechnological, Food and also Tissue culture labs.

Industrial Visits to FINAR Chem

An industrial Visit arranged at FINAR Chem, Ahmedabad on 25th Aug-2018. As a career opportunity, Pharma Industry is always the First preference for the B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. So, we always emphasize more on the Pharma Industry visits for B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. Students had an exposure in both R & D as well as in Plant. In R & D, they had an opportunity to know about the process and Development at small Scale and in Plants, they came to know about the Large scale preparations of various products. FINAR Chem, is the fourth largest Chemicals Manufacturing company in India. And here, students knew the various methods of manufacturing and purification of chemicals and reagents which they use regularly in the labs.