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Under the Parul Arogya Seva Mandal, Parul Group of Institutes was conferred the status of Parul University established and incorporated under Gujarat Private Universities (Second Amendment) Act (Act no. 7 of 2015) in the year 2015. Since the conferment of the status of a Private University, Parul Institute of Applied Sciences was established under Parul University. The Institute located at the heart of a multi-institutional complex in the city of Vadodara, is dedicated to impart quality education in the field of Applied Sciences.

Developing nations like India are facing major challenges in environment, social, and health areas which are due to the consequence of rapid population growth and rise in more industries for fulfilling demand. For overcoming and resolution of such challenges requires coordinated efforts from different science sectors of the society. Precisely advances in applied sciences will be aids to a successful revolution and transition towards more sustainable nation. The Parul Institute of Applied Sciences develops applied research in different domains of science, including Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Statistics etc. Our mission is to contribute towards a deeper understanding of the current challenges face by society and industries and by a sound scientific approach and, when possible, to provide useful knowledge for decision and policy-making in science and environment-related topics. In addition PIAS is intended to provide meticulous manpower every year that will be competent and serves the public and private agencies to deal the current issues in every sector of science.

The Institute is also focused in science dissemination and education as it believes that proper education in science and technology is fundamental for responsible decisions by citizens and, ultimately, social progress. The Institute regularly undertakes science and environmental education actions directed to the general public and to students from all levels of education. Students from both graduate and undergraduate levels have the opportunity to participate in our research projects and this provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students can actively contribute to scientific progress, while developing as skilled professionals and responsible citizens.

The primary objective of the Parul Institute of Applied Sciences is to prepare the students:
• Gain an understanding about the concept, past endeavors, historical pursuits and philosophy behind scientific enquiry and research to develop a knowledge base about Applied Sciences, its profession, practice and application.
• Gain an understanding of the concept and different branches of applied sciences with special focus on practice and research.
• Take individual and collaborative initiatives in order to identify and understand existing scientific problems and their role to solve them in a professional way through research and innovation.