In a very short span of one year of its establishment, the institute has set up very good laboratory infrastructure with all the basic and sophisticated instruments to meet the requirements of students of under and post graduate programme in science stream. Very well constructed and maintained Chemistry laboratory has a capacity to easily accommodate 100 students where as Microbiology and Biotechnology laboratories could accommodate 60 and 40 students respectively. The platforms of these laboratories are made of granite and provided with continuous water and gas supply to carry out scientific exercises.

The precision weighing balance helps the students to weigh the chemicals at microgram level. The institute has couple of more digital balance for routine exercises.

All sterile operations are carried out in institute’s two well designed and less noisy laminar air flow units equipped with UV and While fluorescent light.

Remi C-24 Plus refrigerated centrifuge helps the students to isolate the biomoleculs and other compounds from live cells. This sophisticated instrument helps the students to isolate DNA which may further be quantified using another sophisticated instrument of the institute-UV-Visible spectrophotometer.

As the curriculum consists of quantitation of various compounds including DNA and protein, the institute is equipped with UV-Visible spectrophotometer.

Other basic instruments facility at institute includes pH meter, UV-transilluminator, Gel Electrophoresis Unit, Water bath, Magnetic stirrer, Cyclo mixer, Spectro colorimeter, Hot Air Oven, Bacteriological Incubator and water distillation assembly.