A day with an architect

  • As the name suggests, ‘A Day with an Architect’ indicates a novel initiative of PIAR which attempts to familiarize our students with the ways of a Professional Architect. It gives an opportunity to our students to interact with renowned Architects and have a glimpse of their design philosophies, professional ethics and selective projects. We believe that such visits would not only inspire the students but eventually spark a passion for Architectural Practice in their tender and budding minds.
  • As a part of the programme we arrange a visit of 20 students every fortnight to an Architect’s office. The following aspects are usually covered during each visit:
  • An interaction with the Architect.
  • A Presentation by the Architect or his staff member on their projects and way of working.
  • Referring portfolio their earlier projects.
  • Possible visit to one of their ongoing or completed project / sites.
  • Summing up session.
  • Under this initiative, we organized and conducted visits to following Architects’ offices and their selective projects along with students: CCBA (Christopher Charles Benninger Architects) at Pune, Ar. Girish Doshi at Pune, Ar. Lalit Bhati at Auroville, Footprints EARTH at Ahmedabad (Founder Director: Shri Yatin Pandya), Sangath (Founder: Shri B.V Doshi) at Ahemdabad and KPA (Kamal Patel & Associates) at Anand.