Courses are designed keeping in view current market employability demand. Course gives benefit of getting honors degree with added advantages of other certified courses in the degree indicates different certificate course that will be offered to students every semester which help them to have many certified degree with their degree and prepare for government exams. Aspects of course even consider requirement of CA, CS and ICWA students in it by which they don’t need to go for additional coaching. B.Com (Hons) is a three-year under-graduate course modeled to offer the students with a number of management skills and at the same time also building in them proficiently in a specific area. The Bachelor of Commerce is a career-oriented degree which provides a foundation in all aspects of commerce. Designed course offers four specializations to students from third semester, viz. Accounting and Finance, Banking and Insurance, HR and Marketing. Software’s used in specific area are kept as part and parcel of syllabus which in turn will help students to compete in real market. The proposed M.Com (Hons) with specialization in Accounting and Finance programme has a distinct objective to equip students with knowledge, skills and attitude to become more suitable for the present and emerging job market. The courses are intended to impart intensive knowledge and training in the subject and help the students to acquire wider perspectives both for research and for professional application. The syllabus has been designed to incorporate student’s interests, needs, sustainability and long term goals.