Expert Lectures

Expert lectures are designed to give students tons of usable and important content on a variety of topics which are not present in the books and cannot be covered in limited time of class room studies. This series of expert lecture enhances knowledge of students on a subject and create their liking and interest for the subject.

Expert Talk on “Entrepreneurship Startup”

Expert Talk organized under the support of EDC team for students of 1st and 3rd Year. Both the entrepreneurs motivated and guided students for startups and shared their journey.

E-Talk on “Entrepreneurship”

Parul Institute of Commerce organised E-Talk on “Entrepreneurship”.The session was conducted by Mrs. Taruna Suryavanshi. She started her talk by briefing the student about history of entrepreneurship and basics terminology of entrepreneurship. In the session she gave examples of entrepreneur who are successful. She encouraged students to take risk in their life. She also shared her own experience with students and difficulty she faced during setting up her own business.

Expert Lecture on GST - Myths and Reality

Parul Institute of Commerce jointly organised with ICA, an Expert Session on "GST- Myths and Realities" on 23rd September 2017. The session was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Saraswat, a specialist and an integral member of GST Framework ever since the first paper on GST was published in 2009. It was a very interactive and informative session as Mr. Sanjay did justice to the topic and explained us the truth of GST and corrected our preconceived notions about it. We also received a positive feedback about the session as all the participants went home with something more. As a result, Parul University was able to bridge the gap between Education and the Industry by providing a practical knowledge about a trending topic.