About Institute


The world is heading towards a new dimension where its habitat needs to stay with all the solutions they can have. Gone are the days when even finding answers for the problems around were difficult but now this shift cannot happen without all the facilities.

Academic institutions are playing a vital role in finding problems and working for its solutions.

In this context Parul Institute of Design at Parul University is dedicatedly working towards the mission as an academia element in all the important areas with the Design program. The four year robust curriculum gives specialization in Fashion Design, Interior and Furniture Design, Product Design and Visual Communication.

Learners from all across the globe find this place suitable for their free thinking, great ideas, exposure and experiments which make the milieu creative and vibrant. This complete environment of learning with enjoyment makes this institution very special.

The Parul Institute of Design is always open for all the design aspirantand look forward to provide them platform for their career and professional journey ahead.