Product Design

product design
Product Designers design numerous items like mobile phones, household appliances, cars, medical products and industrial tools, equipment and machinery. They apply their understanding of technology and manufacturing methods to improve design and utility of these items.

Product Designers work alongside engineers and model makers to conduct research and device an accurate design proposal for projects.

Program Prospects

Product designers understand ergonomics, manufacturing processes, 3D design, branding, marketing, lifestyles and trends. They can contribute to industries with ceramic design, sanitary ware design, light fittings, decorative porcelain and material for decorative and other industries.

Program Outline

  • History of Industrial Design
  • Product Technology, Material and Construction
  • Elements of Product Design and Human Ergonomics
  • Prototype making and 3D Modelling with the help of software
  • Product Graphics Display and Control Design
  • Techno-aesthetic Details and System Design Thinking
  • Form Semantics and Package Design
  • Production Planning and Industrial Organization
  • Industry Internship