Product Design

Product Design Brochure

Product Designers design numerous items like mobile phones, household appliances, cars, medical products and industrial tools, equipment and machinery. They apply their understanding of technology and manufacturing methods to improve design and utility of these items.

Product Designers work alongside engineers and model makers to conduct research and device an accurate design proposal for projects.

Program Prospects

Product designers design a wide range of items, from day-to-day items to larger things. They work on new products or improve existing ones and use their understanding of technology, material and manufacturing methods to improve the design and utility of items. The work involves designing, modelling, testing and producing prototypes.

Program Outline

  • Form Study
  • Automotive Products
  • Material & Processes
  • Ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Design research methodology
  • System Design
  • Mechanism & Modeling
  • Trend Studies
  • Digital Rendering

Career Prospects

  • Design Entrepreneur
  • Growing Technological Industries
  • Make in India – start up projects
  • Product developer at leading Design Studios
  • Design Educator
  • Design Researcher