Visual Communication (Graphic Design)

Visual Communication Brochure

In today's highly competitive industrial setting,Visual Communication is a major tool to educate people and promote sales of various products. Graphics play pivotal role in catching consumer attention and enhancing the visual appeal of the products to make them reach the target consumers.

The digital art and animation industry readily embraces fresh talent for creating contemporary and innovative concepts and designs. Under this program, the innate sense of art of students is refined and their observations, imaginations, creations and physical skills are channelized.

Program Prospects

Visual Communication (Graphics) requires study of all visual arts that finds scope in animation, multimedia, gaming, film and advertising industry, other than the basic art forms inclusive of painting, sculpturing, drawing and sketching. The innate art sense of students is refined and a proper direction is given to their observations, imaginations, creations and physical skills.

Program Outline

  • Illustration
  • Composition
  • Typography & Photography
  • Digital methods
  • Semiotics
  • Design ethnography
  • Printing production
  • Film and video
  • Visual Merchandising

Career Prospects

  • Professional Design Practitioner
  • Advertising Agency
  • Professional Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Design Educator