Faculty Development Program

Any organization, public or private, and certainly also faculties and Universities depend on the knowledge,skills, expertise and motivation of its human resources. Hence the Civil Engineering Department believesthat the development needs of teachers in these areas should therefore be amongst an organization's major and long-term goals. These developmental goals can be achieved by providing teachers with training opportunities to achieve maximum effectiveness, ensuring that employees develop their skills and capabilities to be able to work efficiently and respond rapidly to changes within their organizations, improving performance of their present duties, ensuring that the best use is made of the natural abilities and individual skills of all employees for the benefit of the organization and their career. The process of training should necessarily be directed to give every teacher a sense of professionalism, excellence and motivation.

FDP on Concrete Mix Design at Ambhuja Knowledge center

FDP for faculty members of Parul University has organized by the university at Ambhuja Knowledge center to enhance their skills and to understand the fundamental concepts of concrete mix design. It was a four days programs which covered fundamentals of concreting, advancements in concrete technology and preparation of concrete for adequate strength and durability aspect. About 5o faculties of PIET and PIT had participated to this event and enjoyed an outdoor learning environment.